In a poll of pregnant woman, this their # 1 most craved food?

Friday, December 1st


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Madison's home for the holidays and four point nine W Olin lacks Jim and Jerry look on the morning with your screen strange question to ponder this morning. Answer it 6641. Eye for an eye and answer correctly you'll 120 dollar gift certificate for holiday shopping. In downtown Madison according to a new survey this is the Ford did that pregnant when you crave the most. Number one on the list of most crave foods for pregnant women what is its Collison due to LA WLX good luck. Good morning Jason Carter an ambulance pretty straight pretty decent. Since this war went on try to answer these questions are mourning skinny old expected months pregnant moments. What does the number one food stream. Clueless we think probably not a good idea when you think it is ticket I. We'll all think CNN. My guess is that he's as cute I did not expect an answer I know I. Spotty indeed makes for all of a sudden you're 66419 point nine inches brings in any sport. It's. The media on the label as the please try. Couple Bryant. Richard yeah I had the brain's shape. Sexy story when it when I tried out for yourself all of expectant moms what does that number one food grieving. Chocolate ice sheets and again. I'm not everything on top create. Including two giant planes VW looks pretty straight 66 forward and importantly you just call between them you don't. You don't all of expect. Does that number one dream team. And hey crappy car. GE to Zocor at camp scene there supposedly booms and the Pentagon. Right. Moose or goofy. Or it's W Orleans dreams turn execs when and if we're trying to needs all of. Pregnant women and their number one food crazy and you use popcorn encore food yes. No I don't know will jam they are Ollie do it. WL is pretty straight to all the pregnant women they're a little food grade. Oh yeah and technical Jewish. And cook. All my goodness have you have you been pregnant. Q what did you grieve when you were. Oh yeah. Did. She speaks from experience. And I understand that some of the thanks for your employer. Think you'll. W always great strength call 664100 porn I don't get it figured out all pregnant women or is there no number one food grade. How actual. Nigel is six. It's not show I'm always surprised by the actual correct answer and it is the correct answer to that is not what I would have gas Obama dinner. Office. Does this come from experience from you are all in Egypt what we're. I only ask. Good no and it's now wow not show Casillas is the correct greens are answers this morning home main imagine that money gimme delivery room at the first do we swing by Taco Bell are excellent action. Some not so as they'll grind day. That's the that's the answer what's your name.