LISTEN: Nice and Naughty List of Christmas Songs

Friday, December 1st

LISTEN: Jim and I talk about a new survey revealing the best and worst Christmas songs.


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Madison's home for the holidays classic hits 94 point nine W who analytics we've been talking about this throughout the morning. Because we're enjoying it. The holiday songs were playing but apparently some wine recently did a survey to find both the best. And Deanna worst songs are is Jim dubbed it earlier this morning the nice and naughty list of the holiday songs. Come OK so one of the top songs and I hate to say this Jim we play it up and people don't like. Luckily we don't play very often the Christmas song by Alvin and the chip. My own song and shook it. It was better online. We don't play we replaced at a baby. Is that correct Eartha Kitt would play the rich. People love that one that they don't like them Madonna's version general they would play the Madonna remains okay so we're doing OK there and play the the authentic the real deal the next we'll hear some of the ones people love and luckily I think we have almost all these on the list. Last Christmas by the way am. The band aid it do they know it's Christmas we display data short time ago both classic hi all I want for Christmas is you Mariah Carrey those are all. In the top five songs and we played them all so well I'll be posting this on the WOLX. FaceBook page of course I'd be curious to hear. Your reaction to the nice and naughty list of songs thanks for making us look at here's more is there. Well I I try I try where do it so I know I think it. Into notoriety or W Landis.