A new study shows that many American's have stopped eating this omce popular food choice. What?

Wednesday, November 29th


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Good morning from the god the morning Jim and Jerry was your brains regression this morning dancer. 6641 out of 49 you're correct answer will win new late twenty dollar gift certificate for shopping in downtown Madison this holiday season all lit up. Like never before for the holidays shop downtown Madison. Question this morning or wants a very popular fully choice. Many Americans have stopped eating it's yours your brain strain and WLX. About a regular basis. There. I know you're shocked people. Whale did this study should put is that it is so once a highly popular food item is it as being Americans of stop beating six. Turn creep through peace. But the people who either own that was good guests and our guess is so. 664 wanted to try a few good Jeremy did you hear a surprising new study shows this once highly popular food. I don't listen to people are any good anymore. We sit there they are. No laying out. Couldn't he couldn't engage in to us now that's not. Hole and I give lovers BM disease. Gas now one. I'm isn't convincing six or what I do for a minor study shows that many Americans have stopped even this once it's. Under. However what I originally. Yes but that's about it and you know I think I'm Helen hill the melody all accident to the brain strain answer it's XX 41949. The move. Many Americans have stopped reading this wants. Highly popular food I don't know all of this is funny in policy Telus it is it is. Let's go to our I don't feel extreme strain things are gonna show us your legal and there are good god knows. Study shows said god is though people stopped eating something that was once a very popular armor they've tried to extend tragic end. No more finger licking good and a let's and it and it's a good guess he'll learn that's. No oh my goodness LA LO HE oh yeah and any Ford and requested. A new study surprising new study shows that once very popular a lot of Americans have stopped you miss when we talk to Obama. There achieved little yeah. But that does DDT was the leader yeah. Burger with your liver. Or what country would. The side in order to delay us. Yeah. Now they are meant to do lots of yeah. I'm not coming here he's. I don't always raised 366 or 100 point nine studies don't think I want to popularity many Americans have stopped. You know what what is it LL tell all and followed. There's room for Delaware. What that might be my favorite answer of the morning in home while earlier now yeah try it's a bonus points but I know it's not right so I'm. Out here. Good to hear your weasel that's half that's 66 more one on nine Tuesday shows one's really popular with the American a lot of people have stopped eating this. I think I think you know I think that leftover it is still. Oh I was shocked. Brandon camera vendors that boycott leftovers. And they don't call. No order or repairing our maker beat Janet didn't and I don't boring nobody eats it all I need. I figured I'd love leftovers and military ice bath I say thank god for locked doors and Tupperware and yeah yeah oh good you can get a lot of miles on that Thanksgiving Turkey and I hear you think you're yeah. Easy. Isn't eating picked up and what are you what are.