Over 100,000 people will call this phone number this week?

Tuesday, November 21st


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Classic it's got a four point nine WOL. Expected to Christmas music gained just a moment braves trade question knowledge human teary. Answer is 6641949. Winning his certificate tree shop in the in downtown Madison. Just for holiday shopping on Black Friday question this morning this week over 100000. People will call this a phone number. It's a popular number over 100000. People. We'll call this number. Call this number I know I think there's 6641. Lot of porn on the greens drain at W politics. All right G. Don't Greenwald. Carlin. Always listen to the brain strain every morning never win and glad we changed is luck this morning anyone that gift certificate after shopping in the in downtown Madison just in time for. Black Friday this week John let me ask you to the brain straight over 100000. People called this number this week what's the numbers Joseph. But it certainly got a line that Sam's Club. Winds and. Well I know bald guy and I. Once inside the ten years you know I have it applies to us. It's you season need you tonight yes. No I don't know how this. Worse news. Should.