12 Days #2 November 21 .mp3

Tuesday, November 21st

Stephanie M. of Delafield (calling in from Columbus) is surprised to learn she is caller #9 for the second day of our Twelve days of Christmas Give-aways!

Listen to learn what kind of gift she found in Jolly Jim's sack...


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And Madison's home for the holidays and the four point nine W elects the twelve days of Christmas and don't come. Mean it's on very official. A dramatic there. Terrorist company on the fall and could not stiff any from Columbus and you know what number taller you are Stephanie. I didn't know what number caller tell you just happen to be number 99. But really you're the winner. Oh pretty good bolsa. Are you ready staff need to reach the Jolie didn't send. Are already know boy series getting healthy and actually him cash if we all the worst job. Yeah. All right Stephanie I find it to that Jim's actor let's see that we could find you to find a guest okay. You reach an end right you hit bingo you know when you play bingo again prices you always trying to reach for something that feels like he could be cool. OK so what do you finding. I don't know the a little. Kerry look as she phones what she fine it is wireless earbuds. All I need to listen to your ear buds on that would chords to trip over you have that plug Joba throw four or my headphone cord here in the morning. Don't and don't even listen to him. I start had fallen players. These are wireless Stephanie. Wireless or do you like to like listen the musically or dollar whatever you like. Listen WO well lacks all the time in the minors and that I think. There's an idea for those neighborhoods. Most nobody happy holidays to you. Thank you so much yeah. Sergey glad to reach an intelligence said that I nailed it what's your last day. Our ask for a lower price stability from Columbus. Bravely reaching an adult I would say she was a very brave lady and a way to go way to go. We're gonna do it again tomorrow morning. To region there is get warm I'm exhausted already. Has an interest. You tend to go this. Isn't an exact. Age will no longer HD radio listening. So apple once you. Always had fallen ice pan and more to win the shoe on every morning eight points at twelve days of Christmas only. And we needed only. On WO Alex. Medicine possible for them. To.