7 out of 19 on line daters say this is one of the most important things they look for in a potential mate

Tuesday, November 7th


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Another morning and classic hits 94 point nine W or Lexus Terry Barr tied for our world famous brain straight question this morning. We go early the jungle welcome to the jungle of online dating seven out of ten and online dieters say. This is one of the most important things they look for in a potential. Meets. Or pick is that dating online seven out of ten online dieters say this is one of the most important things we look for in a potential meets. Here to help beyond a 660 or one out of four not to win the the Johnson build drops in qualifier to win the sizzling sausage Johnson bill grill from WLX. They get more days or call up the brain stringer you do this morning I think your program report early personality needs seven intend. Online dieters to personalities the most important thing. And did you that is not declared a. It does not I was always liked your full of personality in all my thoughts. Are you allergic to winner anyway yeah you're always. Evidently. Cellular raised strains 6641 report on the number it's your answer it just didn't. Senate intend online dieters really this is the important. Yeah choosing me to. Outlook clip he who want to know. Jones. So it during an event known as a coach and brings strains out of town online gators writ does is highly important in choosing a beat us. Or occupation. None other suggests there and that's not it either won't. Pay good morning W always sprain strains exist or what and when did you hear the question. I'm on the non smoker all of us are doing guest is a better deal. At that there could house. Seven into an online gators three this is a very important when choosing a made. Our biggest poker dotted the that's a good guess thank you always racer ACC is laurel and what I did answers to questions. Seven in ten Lancelot 70% of online dieters read this is highly important and. Using a potential makes sense of humor a sense of humor who. Yeah all sixty. Or one edit or not when you're ready to try senate intent online gators want to those now. Read this is highly important did you see the potential need some. Miracle. Mile it's it. And helps to know the right up front has been my husband and my boyfriend. Don't think that that's. Yes the Marines during questions may seem hard but no match for Joseph BB it was God's does he know that seven out of ten online dieters. One of the most important things he looks forward to potential mate is a credit ratings. That does it right there it could break her bank credit rating the answer this morning. The brings rain and Joseph Bibi wins Johnson bill brought some package qualifies to win the sizzling sausage Johnson bill grill. Friday morning from WO Alex.