If you're an average person, this will happen to you this morning at 9:45AM?

Thursday, November 2nd


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Time for the world famous logo on the morning green street question along with Terry Barr. Prizes morning it is tickets pretty evenly Janis Joplin November 12. At the Madison overtures senator 6641. Got to put on the number to call was or brain strain answer. Question we're asking you this morning. If your average person. This will happen you this morning at 9:45 AM. A case of you're an average person is what happened UN 9:45. This morning. They urge your brain strain questioned give this year brain straight answer knowledge WLX. He lacks the wow Tim McGraw hey let's not. Good burger they are we just said well do you under eighty. Yeah I don't hurt you bad. I'm an enemy looks odd you know the answer this question. If he's that great group that went on later this. You can't. Given that things are dry and Monday there yeah if you have a good day alert me and added they're not that's not that I. All I was hundreds and it does not only still figures mark the how well did we did you earlier about everybody. Bra. I read that you're he's due to hit at used to mean he's the Brister is marketers the average person are you the average person. Yes OK to slap the unit 9:45 PM. All what do you think. Our arm. Well. Nothing yeah that was a demonstration. In those earning their Ricky I like it. He's demonstrating the answer to bonus points for being created and it's true that the that I don't well thanks for being creative. The deal is made of the average person are you average earning so little Q local below average Manila. Oh yeah I'll just syrup and greens there you go yeah. Zug as the average person this is gonna have to idea at 9:45 this morning it and reported a cup of coffee refill on top of its other than these were three great guesses so partners and they're not right now non still greatness of the of the morning WL he's pretty strain and are you an average person can get fired up but this will happen to the average person this morning at 9:45. AM it will hit. What is it hit dependable all yeah. I call home. You are in far above average if you guessed that. Sir I love the epic that sit on goal is so we're getting a bonus points today that it could be don't want the guy who exe you on Tuesday. Are needed and now yours is probably one of my favorite answers stay here on the Braves strain hotline if you're the average person this will happen at 9:45 AM this morning. You leave it all away that's that's that is why I. You'll see full it's an interior light yet you couldn't prove Madonna's what is your name.