A new national survey says it's the worst thing you can put into a kid's trick-or-trat basket tonight?

Tuesday, October 31st


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Classic hits 94 point nine WOMX. Happy Halloween night. From Jim and Terry begun the morning Halloween question on the brain stray disorder we thought a new survey that says this is the worst dating. To put in that church retreat basket tonight. For Halloween. Worse staying. You could put in a kids secretary basket tonight. For Halloween treat your gonna get a tricky if you took this 6641. Out of four and I went tickets to it even with Janis Joplin wanna kind tribute. November 12. At the overture center with your correct brain straight answer at WO Alex. Good morning it has the other leaves you know that earlier radar pounds ago ha ha ha. Thoroughfare. You're off. Well. You for carrying me. You know look. Cecil what's the worst thing you could put in this a monster to treat institute told her care perfect bullet dental RG Reynolds who's wrong who. Stud good one and it's on the list but I don't know Jim I don't think that's it's not on the top one of the yes. Chris plant our. Temporarily a great age. Don't realize Debbie LET this morning. Carol they won't what's the worst thing you put an amateur treatments to. I do that are lethal let's Sox. And so she did have something to market its. Current yeah. Yeah. Yeah this morning. So that words are doing good safety tips for. Hey what's the worst seat put it entered a grievous they're going to and his national service. Except Hancock insults. Oh or eight. Did anybody who does someone use a pencil anymore because he's had a great getaway planned thoughtful and so fine he has understandable or he won't play offense or not as sharp either the right stuff all over your citing defeated. Yeah I think it. Google instant graffiti there I don't you know many ideas Jimi yeah. Thanks for the call this morning not soccer it's important to you all let's bring Israel are you never. He did either because of the blocked there and I checked on a national surveys of the worst thing to put in a drug treatments to to raise the worst thing you can put that. However overall big UAL. Great air ball a reason to. All home with you feel. You wanna do that snow. And that's not on the list so we recommend that against that is what. Mike 66 or one out of every straight person is pointless for Halloween intent on a national survey. The worst thing you can put an entry into being tested today what's the worst thing. Rodney am helpless rotten and still looks no. Try to get rid of those apples he did have to I'm not the crisper drawer it's if you don't like it's breeze straight prices. Warrants for Halloween to give you vehicle was also on the block it's the worst thing he did put it into the Preakness Stakes. Vanessa so and mortenson. Good morning to woody or lax hello there. And he didn't with pennies a pox in the region of Warrington. And warnings and no. I scenario but we'll just saying it's viewed at good morning the WL is pretty strange for Halloween seeks its moral 99 the worsening. The auditor decreed nasty tonight from a national survey are all covered aren't in the. Since they say was terrible Apple's all my uncles and bad he couldn't when they bite into it it's like yeah. Okay. Officials detailed look like an apple name Adam Powell. After Katrina your houses that got a great treat for the kids you don't light at. How why and ambled over to onion sauce up. I agree suggested yeah. Or wanna or I'm Isabel a nationals are in the worst thing you can put electric your dream basket tonight where there are reasons. It's gonna see the satellite freezes so we do but dude we can't do these kids probably not for Halloween and worry and some good guesses and. Paint you rule currently it's a national surveys here for all hallows eve tonight was the worst thing you could put into the preakness yes. Holder shall renew ridiculed the public through battery edition and some call. Those are useful. Lesson and I haven't been used the adults lose do many things why do you go to Iraq general. I'm brought it up early broke down and relax and you alone I think your your broad sword Connecticut trailer that's. I'm mark you how old local coal and help save that for Christmas Day. At a relatively Eaton I guess it Stanford's Jim stock is not all done on the look at. This. It won't let. Me well I can't. Haven't days. WL I sprays trends don't look at it correct answer here for Halloween national survey let us to this question it is the worst thing. He could put an introductory vesta tonight what is it. Programming. Penney's second guess for pennies its. Not money. Pretty straight for Halloween specifically here's what's in store one body toward our national survey says it's the worst seen the worst candy there's a little hint there. To put them for the preakness day today. App. Chocolate covered brazen. To recover reason except. Does that make reasons it be better Olympic. Kerry got some more info on this lesson here let's have a little hit the middle of the night you know so the hot thing that people really want. Is not Reese's peanut butter cups of camps across the country understandable national survey. That is the number one thing people want in their basket so what do they not want to do it wants. What you wanna slip but they're tonight we're trying to help you avoid getting your windows so it's yeah it's easy. Extremes toilet paper to get trees toilet paper it's six dollars with the correct answer Debbie Halloween do interior W Orleans and you don't. What do you think cancer risk for current. No that's a whole could talk McKinney torn yesterday he had that is that I see why she said that they'll based on our hint he item the and it's a good guess I don't think any 22 banana boat doesn't I don't think so from pretty straight street what's your answer. There were not there. And I. Thank you forget it asked I speak I can't take it anymore aren't. Well final rob from what was. Yeah yeah we were a few human being the low. Hello my god ash how did that happen and certainly is Dennis. Orange shirt wow orange in chewy and I did you gives to get a that the dollar still pretty lucky my. They're available at the dollar store they sell it says here in this article I'm reading. Tens of thousands of these silly things every day. I don't know Aaron. Now maybe it's just to your house side of the. But he didn't. Experts say Linux. How things you sure what's your made the arrests.