Unbelievable, People have actually used this to floss their teeth. What?

Thursday, October 26th

 Unbelievable, People have actually used this to floss their teeth.  What?


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You know Loretta put their lives for not much shocks Darian I anymore except the occasional. Brain strain question time for the world famous brain strain answered 664. 190 point nine they say people actually use this to floss their teeth CI dental floss some people actually use that its flaws that are deep. Unbelievable. Tell us and win a pair of tickets for the DBs Chris is ninety's Halloween costume party at the majestic this Saturday. 6641. Not a porn I'm for your greens strain response. We're looking forward to it. Good lord ideally don't always sprain strains he sees Portland or nine people actually use this it's. Team. On paper money. Dollar deal. And you know there's some terms and money to buy you know whatever works I guess this money is kind of dear yeah. Yeah. That's why he's thinking this is a good answer yet you never been to a burlesque club. Oh really is that what we're calling it these days you and you know what goes on with the monkeys. On its hands and 641 Einhorn high grade straight question people about it Boston tea. We'll stay on an restrained and Schuster yeah. Now uninhibited good jazz that's an interesting yes that is the strange strange split along with their odd question how this applies. People that he uses to floss their teeth. The path of epic that I'd do it you do that. You know that hair. Here is the answer has. Her. Girls. You do not do this you do not. But I applaud you got that totally. My words are read. Now is easy does get in there between you jumpers and it works. I have been great parent or kind of ticker at court that yeah. You can grab a couple of go oh really so the prayers veteran glossy. All Bernard. I'm Jim I bet you know I am really long hair now which I didn't used to have and I better just keep my hair away from it. Austria. I'll like a positive feel somebody pulling on my hair yeah it's. Wow. That's a Bob garbage we've ninety they're not. I'll hold this young and I know that's why you're on the other side of the rigors DN over there mr. tad. You've got that the brace straight answers once it seems and it is that's. I. Very well you provided good story with its use of that song and I didn't want to I'm not warrant that was. What's what's your name. Erica.