28% of women have this in their purse

Thursday, October 19th


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Time for the Madonna morning world famous green strange question. With teary bar answer is 6641. Got a point nine answer correctly when a brand new look but debug loaded with the money saving coupons. For all over southern Wisconsin. Why do you percent of women listing to us right now. Have this in their press at 48% of women listening to us right now. Have this in their progress there's your brain strained policy answer directly to win. Good morning deli all I strange strange feel free to answer on it's it's it's it's. Really listens only to us right now stand this. Bowling ball a hole it's yeah. Yeah like any incidents in all of the heavy glad that's. In the 66 or not import I audible at all. What do you present well listening and this is their birds and I'd say you make. A hundred foot members walked. They're good yeah Steve did not find it all they're really it's not a lot. Even sleep and truth no I've been in automating. Sell off all. Palin's got an Alderman is never to goodness sit there and I STS factories busy Fella today. Harry WOXE 619 point nine what do you present when enlisting to us right now this in their first good order it yeah well. Valued well I'll probably wake up I would Syria and pictures showed she. Extra sixteen was good so earth jammed now Nadia I'm. Notice in case we still think you're excellence. Not. W always brings me to give her colleagues execs were 190s were not pain. Didn't dot percent of women listening right on this in their birds. At the entire as a liar and always have makes it easy actually some I. Point 9428%. Of women listening to us right now Pam this in their progress. It. Give me sheets not sheets. You know all that's in these days that's probably denied she well you wanna know if my house and in my president and my first round. As solid and make no. Yeah yeah yeah I don't argue kind of plot. How. You can't get a Great Dane not you know in the end that yeah. W on ice grains straight 20% of women listening to his right now have this in their purse or sit against. Chart proton. Ali. All out SE if I had that in my purse Jim UN already have taken it and eaten it. You're not in these days to Halloween candy that's probably that's probably true none. The greens are and we're looking for the big cue the yeah good wine good 166419420%. Of women listening to us right now can't miss in the Arab terrorists. Well it it's pretty low mileage. So I'm gonna hit the nail clipper. Neil Lewis who appeals to priests. Not a priest or minister in the hole good one now on good morning I think you are calling the cellular screens streams media for being dreams. What's your answer. I look at who aren't married at all. That's nice gas. Price leader you know what period are it is big it may be people. Yeah that number's probably Lola it'll get higher as he gets colder I would take the right now to 20% the survey taken but I would think that number would give hires its look older and all but yet to stand a chance to gazette. Share on the committee a lot of women also carried in their pocket so it's not in their purse slipped as we need really fast access team always lift yes of course we do given Jim smooch for good now. Now now than on the steps let's ask the winner she would like to smooch you do is probably not she's hot hot hot. I'm I'm I'm baton what do you what do you hanging in there. Yeah and I didn't get hurt you overnight they got up and yeah. Yeah I know you neared. It.