29% of people would actaully live in a haunted house if it just had this. What?

Monday, October 16th


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Classic it's not a four point nine W Alexi to go on the morning clean strain world famous along with Terry Barr in morning at 7:30 this morning question once again. Good prepared tickets for Elvis lives Elvis is not left the building he is that the players signed theater. In sport jackets and you also qualified to go all to the Graceland mansion in Memphis. With these tickets. Airfare provided by RB setters of sling here and there who we think cam question this morning nor in the Halloween spirit just a couple weeks to dole. 49% of people surveyed said they wouldn't mock it and it living an audit policy as long as Donahoe said this. Collison were in the brain screen 66419490. WOLX. Good morning this is W Rolex succeeds or 1093. Straight times point 9% of people say they would actually lives get a lot of hospital we. If you read it here where you pick over all the little. Well. And some great goals. And I I don't know. Did you ask her friend the hot there you go. I don't have to mountain. We got the day and happy Halloween. You'll stakes follow WR like mainstream he is or 100 point nine when he Iverson didn't sit it actually. It'll compounds the problem the only thing evidence to the white fire water. I thought. I'm also unclear how the hell yeah. It's against it and yeah I W on ice raids Jane are you treat adults. Are no different yeah Eagles probably don't call the heat. Yeah I did it get big zigzags or want to put on his warnings registry were hidden in the Halloween spirit PM for. Cameron normally do no injury. Including putting up 20% and people they would live there little little wanna policy not a problem but only to end this. More bad your news anchor hello yes my I don't jitterbug don't you didn't think horrible. Okay. Wow and they don't drop my god knows we don't your resolve this as well. Yeah. I don't for being the ideal and shared. Let's put these guys. Now aren't you. You guys live so long good. You guys. What's your name.