He is considered one of the scariest people ever and he was born on a Friday the 13th. Who are we talking about?

Friday, October 13th


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It's the guy on the morning Jim guy with Terry Barr it's Friday the thirteenth. Don't be afraid to bus. Crocker brace straight question this morning. Answered 6641949. He is considered one of the scariest people of all time he was born. On a Friday the thirteenth only talking about all of us up in wind other tickets for Elvis lives. Anti fireside theater sport jackets and and qualified to win. Trip to the Graceland mansion in Memphis. Elvis is hosts airfare courtesy of RV senators of sling here in gear rule we thank him. And wish you luck did you play. The brain strain on WO Alex. Good morning is that Delhi us Marines dream yeah. Good very good yeah. Yeah. Well very understated real ugly undertaken on the they're trying. I'll. And good morning it's the racer is your turn here since explore. When I sort of gives an enormous Kerry's people of all time port on Friday the thirteenth. Boras are well. Yeah pretty creepy doing. Well done it. The right answer to your head in their neighborhood. And there that heard six or wanted to and I'd consider. This theory is people ever born on Friday the thirteenth all appropriate wasn't edited them who use ear in the running game. All you guys are getting the right idea but wow. Great gases and. I'm Vincent Price or Portsmouth. Good morning guys are colored a dollar sprains strains he sees a woman or not he's considered one of the skewed these people of all time he was more on Friday the thirteenth all appropriate only talking about. The shelling no lawful online I am even. Do look at all and I will need another good guess on the grounds are really good what's yours to consider gonna tell you there's a diet. Help bridge Josh yeah. And singers they've gotten yeah. Favorite yet receiver Hitchcock movie. I. General good learning and still a lot of them go to watch recently. You rushed in I should've does not really freaked out about the red wing blackbirds and regular season and ordered. Birds yeah every spring they wanna attack me so I'm really worried that. Aren't quite the did you my eyes back down here. Guess that's finally do you just know I felt sorry yeah yeah hit TD. I have to deal I signed oh my goodness it was surname and Peter.