1 in 4 of us have been late for work in the morning because of this. What is it?

Wednesday, October 11th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alikes with demons on the morning world famous greens drain question with teary bar. Cancer is 6641. Honey for nine answer correctly and when a pair tickets. To the fireside theater to see Elvis lives. Question this morning one of four of us have been latent overworked. Because of this. What is it what is it that made us late for work column to win the brains traded WLX. Hate and teary eyed Santa yeah I did feel that feisty little eye of the tiger in another area. We got news. Good crack that. Yeah. He's I think he's punched his fantasy like yeah. He had the he wants or doesn't that lead into words the doesn't know the doesn't want us out. And Bret Boone really supposedly. Shot are you blaming for the accident. Occurred to a good. Yeah. That's Lindsay yeah things are dry and this morning it's not your monster numbers and Yasser hadn't. Allele icing brain study sees he's 414900. It is also we'll let you know all of them. Late to work. I don't accept its oversight snapped an easy answer but it's not in. And that should be good candidate I and I also overslept this morning yeah. Really well I can stated that all things and he didn't rip van with. Yeah yeah yeah I slipped in the Liberty City. I don't know I have a good day do you think soon AT and don't ask don't I don't. WS brings strains exist or 1491. Of moralists and late to work. The doesn't want it is not the Braves trade him blames him for the. M its telling me and garrido what I would relate to regrets about it my dog darted out the door. Not get that it loud I'm. I own. That's a good line did you get her now. I got an out or doing about our daily news and hear music and that's not the answer nodded and hit the Atlanta formula. I think it had this to people more than they would admit WL I strange strange calls sixty's lower one hundreds of people you know all they want so it makes us late to work one of four people have been lead to work because. Acts are in their feet to us how you see it. I. Am going to argue that unless. I'm not sure that I am a mom and absent if you look at the worst again yeah I had it. I Iran. All Canadian side of it some obvious plays such a drag their feet up to sit down and come down in and go okay good yeah right yeah I tell you where we're at the no easy. Finally I tease I I'm like he's amazing news item in my pocket okay. I cannot comment on the call and I had found in the order a. PureAV deal better. And there maybe a better. All they did you do raid today on W Orleans green street or informed positively to work for this reason what is the report are reported being hurt our air ballroom. And had to go back didn't get it's yes no many times I've done man. Now tells me justice almost every day he almost everything I got hot gonna say don't need it and I'm like I probably should. Yes we got golfer got the phone at Google did it is that correct greens the answer for the sport and. I'd pick a guy Lugar got quite a bit more. I.