American's say this is the number one thing they hate most about their morning commute?

Tuesday, October 10th


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It's time for the world famous book on the morning brings strange question along with Terry Barr insert 6641949. Answered this question correctly you'll lit up her tickets to the fireside theater for L Muslims and qualified to go to Elvis is a host. Graceland in Memphis. Question this morning Americans say is is what they hate the most about their morning commute here's your brain strain answering and win and good luck at WLX. They did a W on this. Done candidate they know I'm took turns. The Pentagon and cute. Della be all eyes brain strain answers and since. Laura yeah. We're good very good to have you know it works but no the well. Yeah. It's it's it's a lot of Americans yeah. Yeah I can't calls. And pulls the cell phone. Well yeah excuse not to answer don't. Let's talk about your father yeah. From hate don't call me hopeful that on him. Helper there the story. Bodies you don't want albums you can bring there. This is 63866. Or one 49 is the thing Americans paid most of the morning to you I would say. It though he already putting on the pressure on our street. We still do it double check and double look and whatever you want so I. Just can't believe that people still trying to do that people actually sheep in the car yet why did not receive IC incident really. I'm Heidi eating like a serial and while they're driving it well it could be a bit does. Once yeah. You know what we're driving we think this. When he caught paycheck each day as exudes out of fort I would you know the answer this what is the thing that Americans. The holes tomorrow the morning to you spit at about it adds. I happened to everyday and the other bad side at work are. All I can relate to this question do I used to ride my little more inside the school but I. I did behind in grade school wasn't really Rudy needs to get all the time and wanted to her finger and I. I think. At and. I think it's nearly everywhere you look at the governor was on that motorcycle. Yeah I think it's doing when they're improvement is I. Yeah. A little bit what must you get behind one senior government there for about all I remember that's good script to recruit good about how this. Gives me. He's odd and I. Were deliberately did that didn't really well there again and again. I. Honest and made it yesterday.