New survey shows singles spend 7 minutes of their work day doing what?

Friday, September 29th


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Classic hits and a four point nine W on expert answering questions morning insert 66 or one out of we're not answer correctly. We need 45 dollar Jim and I pro company gift card you to pick your own oyster at the gym and I'm pro company and sun prairie. Question this morning study shows at the average single person will spend it. Seven minutes a day of work to him this cause is 6641. Idea born on and we in the green street good morning. Use the audio plus it greens drain your turn to answer here since since we're women point nine average a single person will spend today. It works seven minutes. What's. Written a paper read in the paper on the job. That's only you know I I used to work with people I know did that. In places for different books and audio allies raised Jordanians all. Six explore what kind of an everyday you're ready to answer the question new study shows the average single person will spend seven minutes of their time at work doing this. Look we're we are looking. Yeah yeah gosh it. Wondering why am I still single. I'm not the answer well. That's funny though what. What are they are doing our own service Saturday 66 are want to put out an answer that question this morning on the eastern new study shows the average single person will spend seven minutes of their time at work. I have. I got that got you okay so are YouTube Google are you single I don't think the committee are in a pimp my private shouldn't be with you. Nice to win that women you know I'm ready call that a surprise yeah. You just said that I did not say that I could. Not all these big events. I don't chaplain meg doing what I. I yeah. See what are both are bad. In a lot of segues into these apps that seems the ones yeah pretty much cooler than I've ever. Are rolling in your favor. I don't lie little. Where everyone know what is your name perhaps didn't mean.