35% of people have gone to work accidentally wearing this ?

Thursday, September 28th


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V classic hits 94 point nine delusional like smoke on the morning world famous brings strange question. For this morning US series 6641949. And women age 45 dollar gift card. From the gym and I pearl company. In center you to take your own oyster question this morning 35% of people have gone to work. Exit totally. Wearing this is he fashion faux paw Clusty done the brain strain 35% of people have gone to work. Accident he could wearing this tell us what it is Ed W all except hey good morning don't heal like her. Is or how are you a very. It was the answer that question 35% of people got to work accidentally wander in Minsk. Didn't want this. And if this. She's seen people do this TV yeah Internet gets all the things I've done good. Yeah. That's. And every soon. When you wake up kind of tired yeah. You think you know one's black one's brow and and then you get in the sunshine and a lip and it should prove. Yeah no that's got it that's funny. All. 66 or minus three straight question which is this morning 35% of people accidentally worked wearing this. We're clothes and I know do you. That's not my. Idea how oh when I was an all night radio DJ wants the morning I came easily junior shirts on its I don't. And I'm following all the I don't want this morning. But almost is good because I didn't sit well I have not I do. Experts call my parents are here now. I love it was fun though they can 66 or one out of ordered isn't that great street clothes it is pouring 35% of people that's the legal I don't works. Clearing this. It'd. And I earn yeah as aids. Day and age are apparently aren't going to there yeah. Certainly may be clinging to the back of your leg or your button you don't know they're good all you usually live. It. Should be. Kept. Ed Ed does it that's the look she has seemed to see it that's. Well I actually better are sure. Are on an answer they are all little little. I didn't think you good morning guys who don't really strange strange called 61 when and when did you know with the cancer at 35% of people. And accidentally go on to work wearing this. Maybe it's not a money order or no one is still attached and my marriage dating errors I'll. I thought this is gonna he's not just son on news watch how waited yeah oh sure that's undisclosed. Good guesses are right stay still at Texas. Didn't order entry yeah I don't know. Until I get to work and someone slightly gyms are you worth 3430 genes to give it up and under. This is July all that yeah and by gosh. Iraq the end of the that's funny on nice going up prices Digg is the answer we looked at 40 wow continue our you're not gonna be you're gonna be starlet who will be a session full Paul yeah no she gained. Jack and I did little company got a 45 dollar gift. Hat this is cool very well.