78% of women do this yet only 60% of men do it. What ?

Tuesday, September 26th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexi look on the morning mainstream questions world famous with Gerri are we morning 730 call 6641. Eye for an eye when you figure out the answer to the question when he Jeremiah pearl company 45 dollar gift certificates 78% of women do this on a regular basis only 60% of living duel so what are doing this more than men and what does it. Telus and win the W all extreme strain questions good morning don't always. Greens are any unanswered warrants and Mac are buying more clothes. Is a good guess not quite so. Known thinking oh OK until he whom to thank question this morning 68% of women do this on a regular basis yeah. I certainly. Wanted to. Yeah. Urban church urban jerks don't know. So I think that and see full blame the heat audio on X. You always raised a question this morning 70% of women do this I regard this as well only. 60% that guy is doing what the needle and. The thing. So I. What good for someone solely on CNN traffic is. I'm trying to say oh yeah to be careful there about 66 or one out of ideas in his words raising questions 70% of women do this on a regular basis only 60% of guys do. Thought. She did it 8888 PG. All. Who couldn't tell you all my sprains strains he sees or wanted to write things for giving them shots. 78% of women do this. He was a good eyes and yeah I used to minds is the answer. Because I'll buy gas and makes so much sense now that I know the answer used coupons. He's lucky. We all know let me. EU oh lord you're more yeah Selig asked did cut out certainty I mean I know this is so lame not cut out certain coupons given to my husband. She'll come back there's still in his pocket but I. Did I it and then if that Minnesota's question is highly accurate should help out yeah. If you are just simply myself and our friendly caller yes I. Mean what's your name any thank.