31% of guys have borrowed this from their girlfriend

Thursday, September 21st


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Six hits and a four point nine W Alexa with a brand new look on the morning world famous bring strange question answer is 6641949. In win the. 31%. Of guys. Have burrowed vicious. From girlfriend what do we don't borrow from arm curl 31% guys Collison we knew the W Alexa greens stream any good morning isn't. You alas you don't. I'm going to let you figure could be money. Money wouldn't you like gizmo was up there in his radio I'm just money but he would listen guys it's in the money isn't an answer. I literally go have a good day yeah. All 66 more when I do the answering questions and look present ideas of Marlins just flew from their girlfriends. Air products IIE. Channel my gas to these these mean. Money your product so far not quite have a great gases emitted an Obama team up with your priest during an. Surge succeeds or 100 point 931% and a guy he's compiled this from the girlfriend. When he isn't. Whoever it is my mood alert link and Terry there here's everything right again I'll. Not amber I guess I. Blue eyes I think you have to you know that the W all experienced during the morning he had. Good morning what's your answer to the question 31% of guys have borrowed this from their girlfriend or borrowing things all the time when it wasn't. I'm gonna you're either raise or is that correct restraining. And yes it. And he's just onboard. That's a good candidate I think critically and you mariners eight. All that beard stubble in there black and how. Old. Yeah and here is a little different it's you know it's nasty. Out. War correspondent she said that's what Shuster and Chris asked what did that mean she's available played and Donald what do you look to do tonight yeah I don't know about them you. You add all these Q but you didn't need going on on the home Honolulu or. Very little Angel yeah and then do our governor and pound or are you know. All like yeah I am I wouldn't are looked are off to a loud how hollow.