Research shows 6% of us have unfortunately dropped this in the toilet

Thursday, September 21st


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Classic hits and a four point nine W elect smoke on the morning dreams dream question with teary buyer for this morning insert 664198. Or not. Research shows it 6% on us but fortunately have dropped this. In the toilets but the kind of splash you wanna make that 6% of us have dropped this into the toilet to drop you look awesome prize into the doing exits a brand new. The lucky book with your correct brain straight answer as 66 more what I did what I did W all LX. They get warnings you're glad you called W Orleans green street whose research shows 6% it was a tough decision and one that's what does. Rebecca beer group Russia yeah I cannot forget it. Afterwards I. No that's. That's not it that's the best things up pretty strange sixteens or what I did what I am glad you don't 6% of us have dropped this the end of the tournament so what is its. My brother. Drop your current. I did this to WLX 6% of us have dropped this edited and I'm sedentary and it's every street question. There are dangers. Are hula nodded and it really tests. W all his brain strain a resurgent shows its present it was a dream team this. The toilet hole isn't here. I'm going dentures and knowledge super dancers got it but it could arc thank you for calling it good morning don't feel like some pretty strange 6619496%. Of us have dropped this right into the bonus the proper cell phone not not so awful it's awful. All right thanks think you'll takes or try and. W all strains strains 66 or when I'm when I'm glad you called a number the answer hot line here's 6% of those of that's right into the title I don't know what is downtrodden. Not to sell on the numbers you see higher as more people. It's helpful to. It is a good development expert Brian did either draft. Don't feel like sprain strain sixty swollen eye for an eye and you resurgent showed that 60% of residency drop since the end of the Olympics or. I don't ever let her walk me contact lenses and lenses did. Well I think the winner didn't. And all of and egg I think Atlanta is oh my god that's horrible. Suspect Larry within I don't know what that I'm brought actually anything off the mini toilet digital made the well that's all I got my card. He's in my cell phones. Can't people just cell phone but exceed the numbers hide your love for people writers. It got totally new in your pocket you don't know what the rebel Hornish god that's horrible well don't don't drop your new multi book you didn't silence. I don't excuse there's a lot of. Then it'll do what you gonna save money. I'm digger and entertainment all sorts of things all over the place for this.