Flight attendants say this is the worst thing passengers do on flights ?

Monday, September 11th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect spoke on the morning world famous green strange question. Along with Terry Barr you could answer. It's 6641 ID 49 new survey shows that flight attendants think this is the worst team to the passengers can do an airline plaintiff. Worst thing annoys and the most Collison weird tickets for the black symphony vis prince reach creation of purple rain. November seconds at the very lore that is Germans awesome prize this morning at W all Alex. WL it's pretty strange call succeeds or not we're not you have truly what's what's the answer your pesos it annoys flight attendants the most airline. How are faring in general Stuart. Williams who is a little antiquated term I'll I'll I'll always tell. Oh my goodness management yeah. Eight answers 66 or one out of 103 straight and only slightly and is the most landslide sort of message is doing just bonds and Jim Wright Altidore and conjure up a true daughter duo chip. That would be in England and I don't even have anything descent of the Mecca the epithet and these laws might throw and I don't happen very often met. Can't necessary or my husband. Yeah. Let's get out. Season is more one out of put out as the team that annoys flight attendants the most on flights it's a new survey would blossom the most. And I think it might be taken up to mature. In the overhead fans. Russell put too much stuff I'm not on the and they can't get good door closed on the Internet and upload it is and it Alfred got everything in the world up there yeah us lazy rarely get up and I don't know the good guest I played I. I don't know I think a lot good morning is it W always brings strange little 6641 hour before I as you probably know what city flight attendants. Hate the bulls to the desk is doing flights. How do you know I've never upload an airplane they either don't. Passenger's seat belt for their tall blue or some program. Tell me Nancy wanted to that we need and sports isn't the right small. Part of it. And yeah that's all right so we do here and you're right a lot of people don't do it so they have to always go through and checks and they. That you cannot figure out or go. Are you happy Monday it does do you own music 66. Survey shows flight attendants he does. I have had set. I bowl turbulence there. This means there rockets when his then the other mile high. They're like well I. Don't. Yeah I only heard about it. I six. And whatnot it or not is that statement flight attendants say the most that passengers do on flights what is it my question about it that I helped the bring up Mary then there's. Being knowing. Since I think you can see it again. It's funny not clinically takes note W always sprain strains exist for one hour before visiting our knowledge it centers the most an airline flights from passengers what is. All I. Oh dvd hot hot hot (%expletive) she's putting usually you heard him has done yeah sort of a little bit is that just like to have the just not quite as an adult telling Neal I sprain strain question look at the answer to that noise and flight attendants are the most that's and certainly shows a really bonds have been trying to grandstands when you think. We are here could think Garrett shall we hear toenails clipped toenails. Nails it. Whole years yeah. See you believe that. A roast. It's perfect for both the bed bugs flooded tens Muslim not yet can you imagine Steve Jobs he's used to the picture hostile to. Yeah I'll forget I don't even wanna know oh my goodness is do they feel a whole many outlets like this yeah I didn't wanna. What sort of person sitting next hot and only sees. By the media and her old mine gold might drink light. Put good at what one more amstel light after less. Like a whole bunch more than you. I didn't see it in other items like yeah I got there at today's brains drain brainy Aqua Saturday noon match.