A new study shows that if you don't like THIS, it probably your parents fault ?

Tuesday, August 29th


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Classic hits got a four point nine W Alexa it's time over the McCaw in the morning world famous brain stream question with Terry Barr. Call 6641. On port tried to answer this question. New study shows that if you don't like this. Probably your parents' faults blame it on to. Mom and dad call it where an aide last chance water park weekend that we have an assortment of tickets for Wisconsin Dells to use. Labor Day weekend got a usable by September 4 that measurement awesome marine's dream prize with a W or Lexus morning. And yeah. I would never vikings may ads. Sixties are one out of port I am not new study shows and if you don't like this it's probably your parents' fault so what does it come regular answered name. And yet our health. And I. Good point now what are your parents pentagon that's a good bit of great things are still not as though I'm banks are answered. Think you'll is well yeah. WLX greens strains are 641 in front of a different race with different races you'll. Not that is an interesting answer yeah kind of topical these dogs and eighteen banks in the hands of the Q freer guess went and then they. And available I think her mom and dad's that I'm content you like that turn on you it's not like onions a global against the. Now they deliver. Nobody could have laws liver and onions and I'm not obviously I do not too good morning WLX rays street glad you called the results within the sixers work. Credit toward a new study shows that you don't like this he's probably keep your parents' fault what are we talking. I so there is an event that's not the rains I'm sorry our. Animal like Terrence or not you guys like you guys like broccoli. What are. I don't really know yeah and let the doctor says it's inconclusive and he learned that too hot to jam as host yeah Alex Flanagan. Sizemore wanted to put you colts in nineteen audience didn't study that shows that you don't like this it's. It. Number just for vegetables and he gets broccoli does not not yet the only good to ask are you yet have a great day you eat your veggies are. Mine are all you ask for you'll let me. He's exist nor want out of our mind to answer our braised greens weren't does more in the new study shows that you don't like this is probably your parents' fault. When it's bad gene. Ed gee it's too. With Levi isn't Reagan. I don't kinetic WLX we're glad you called the green street six export wanted to donate if you don't like this. It's probably your parents' faults with the clothes on the. Our. Eye on exercising is the correct in her earlier I was real the brains arraignment and the. Took up not what you're at once unique. And.