Of all the things we lose on a daily basis, cell phones are the most lost item keys are second and what is the third most lost item ?

Friday, August 25th


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Classic hits study four point nine W all relaxed time to be world famous greens drain questions. On the go on the morning with Terry car every morning at 730 answer at 6641949. This morning's question of all the things we seemed to lose. On a daily basis. All these cell phones are first on the list second. On the most lost items policy and win a pair of wrist bands. For the mad Gil facet breeze Stephens field August 25 through 26 from W Olin lacks. Approach the world or Packers land like that like take time. Feel like when that happens but I like setting up sort of sets a gig isn't like you do wish it was right it's a little girl. Are you today you were mostly lost items we're all losing things on a daily basis. Phones are first teaser the second most laws like the ones that are. Drink drink this drink. He had little pop up Okobi I. EPA and then you find it later and it's not something you actually wanted to find a zero leading grows so yeah I try to fight why you forgot to wash it all I. Happens I'll grown in the bottom they're the on him and did just wanting QW let's praise and you answer it succeeds former. I wonder if we're trying to win wrist bands from the minute deal and cultural festival is trying to insanity of all the items we lose on a daily basis. Phones are the most lost item he is your second what's third on the list. It will W plus brace straight call it answer is it six more one on eight or nine in the bulk items we all lose on a daily basis points of first. He's a second. One's third on the list of lost items I am patent. Sons so hot I'm happy does that count of their stolen. You think you're power you know here I have like my little fingers up in the air going borrowed Penn who sort of legal. It lost its. Number I am every week it is DeDe disappears you can't help but mine hot. Yeah. I laugh because I'm with you yeah. Not mind that he fits the W or sprains strains CC's 41949. We're glad you called. A lot of things we lose on a daily basis first on the list is phone's second his keys. What is the third most lost I feel good morning when it tried the remote control. I'll let Maine it's an island that is really good yes he now walks away X where girls only and I'm. Actually my new cut the crap out. Yeah orange all that's a last place yeah. And that's usually where does your amateur I yeah. The challenges are that goes that's a good guess may well have a great day don't you Alex braves basic six or one out in front of you know the third most lost item. On the things we lose. 40 one's reversed these are second what's third. Collectors morsels you please more specifics. I'm glad you're a guy. Clips the other it can. I'm hot back in the nice dog sunglasses. I admit it. As things go what you need report.