It is the # 1 must have in a college dorm room for kids going to college ?

Thursday, August 24th


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It's time for the McCaw the morning world famous green screen question along with Terry Barr. This morning your correct answer wins you'd tourist dance for the bad deals status it's at Celtic celebration. This weekend agree Stephens field. With Scott set an Irish craft beer tastings also whisky you tastings live music give mark question this morning good answer is 664. 1949. It is the number one must to have the in college dorm rooms. For kids going back to college number one must have item for dorm rooms for college kids going back to school that your brain stream question. Tell us your answer and win the Ed W Ole Alex good morning W. All screens dream succeeds or wanted to tonight is the number one item in how. It's news that's how I approach via computer. You've received Kris Jenkins got. Okay yeah. Innocent to return I mean you think that would be up there at 6641 out of Orion it is now the number one monster dad at a dorm room. For college she'd go back to school plays. I laugh a lamb all 1969. That yeah I. An old school awesome actually yeah. A 661 I did what I an answer this question was warning on the brain strain but he's not number one tale. In college dorm room for college energy and energy drinks is the correct. In his drains. Your. Who waited a little higher learning through monster I think you're in Manhattan bar am distorts the Netherlands. Why there's a lot in the mountain iron loosened some rocket fuel in those things got.