32 % of bridesmaids would NEVER tell the bride that they did this ?

Monday, August 14th


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Classic hits and nine Indy four point nine W elects the world famous mom died in the morning greens drain along with Terry Barr. Call 6641. With 949. With your correct reads her answer. Who when he. Sun prairie sweetheart festival prize package to Korn told it's also a park in mission task eight ignition button good for the weekend. And to look carnival ride tickets get you all set for the legendary sweet corn fast. In Angel parked in sun prairie. Question this morning work or in primetime wedding season here in the summer 32% of prize VT they would never. Algebra paid that they did this that your brain street. Call 66419249. And win 32% of bridesmaids say they would never tell the bride they actually did this. W always raised 360 Sorrell an anchor on the question this morning 32% of bridesmaids say they would never tell the prize that they did this. I am either the girl he's the group and you hit it. We're headed for a scandal here and so we are better that's a good guess not quite correct but think for our. W or let's bring in street six explore what I'm bored I wore a wedding season 30% of bridesmaids say they would never. Tell the bright that they did this we didn't and I mean write me. Yeah how can he do regret it comes out right away or maybe sometimes your political thicket. Greens are making me didn't hole anything Israel does or does not drugs integrating strategy at literate kids of equipment. Obama. I am there weren't any. Eight outlook yeah. You know the. Made out of the anger guy. I'm not kidding you name any names and I've seen this could hypocrite I didn't particularly good guess take pictures you know don't know that she could go. Yeah. What we're really amber Carter and other public schools. All all the awful that it is your real Holland knotted the hitters. (%expletive) technical walk up all O'Neal likes pretty strange 6641 Heidi we're not name you call your hands we hear what's the answer for older era. Sold their dress socks could. Have you done now do you know ask Nomo okay corporate. I don't I that's a great I I actually have some friends give their dress away. And now not even salad could give it away she didn't like gets to you we're asking for trouble with the students are gonna let. For Clinton unique 6641 before I brains they just I. And and it didn't matter and I'll at all. Others are somebody beats it dates for. I don't see any need to learn more change yeah the whole W all I sprains strains it since Laura wanted to put on a number you called 32%. Rise in DC they wouldn't. No bird tell the bribes. That they do this or your I don't care what we'll see how what's your answer. Being Cuban or early part that's the correct guess how you're yeah you're right with your first guess what's your game. They are paying.