57 % of employers are LESS likely to promote someone who does this at work ?

Thursday, August 3rd


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alikes time for the world famous brings stream. With Jim and Jerry and go on the morning call 664. One to four not with your correct answer and where was gases stayed fair tickets question this morning. 57% of employers. Are less likely to promote someone who does this at work we wanna begin promoted with this morning's brain strain. Color wedded WOLX good luck. Good morning WR looks pretty street six explorer when you weren't hard physical for you work hard well our door here were lets you. I am not a social all what what should people do does it player's are 57%. Less likely to. This is a very very rewarding your work does what K she's a ticket. Seat aircraft I'm. Well I tell you receive your palm you know I worked in TV for twenty plus years. They're armed men that would actually shave in the middle of the newsroom live I I don't believe that I now. The air horns and a. They maybe should not let you know I don't know. That much better runner dirt there ever was O. If there. The humble someone does this thing work what should you be doing that were talking negative where. C a bad day. And I showed it like people wouldn't this. Are spread rumors about the blonde and I know long into chow is he's on those long lunch hour. Think he can speculate all these years darn it you're not during instrument really good gas. W Rolex sprains strains of six or 100 overnight 50% of percent of employers are less likely to promote someone who does this can't work what should they do it. And fickle I could guess Symbian. You don't give good answers that means not happiness and a dozen people got to pick up the slack. Doesn't fly well in broadcasting deal that. Omaha. W or let's bring stream thanks for policies it's 4100 or nine employers aren't. 57% of employers are less likely to want someone who does this morning I didn't go our Internet. I don't think that would journal on a smile hi how are we all these stunning. But. Yeah we get for Mona yeah that's about to drive and talk on the phone now yeah. I giant men are all kind of like rape and since horror 100 or nine into the greens drained 57% of employers are less likely to rule of someone who does this at work. He got up about the management and the company popular answers and. And the media again so seeing Georgia won't let it appears it go to burger. W all actually good morning my hand over and small blue. That's not an important got over. Smoking you don't need this is the confession show is what our. Larry it's an eye on pat pat pat. Do you did you not know a lot sign it. I know it's just I don't know that I didn't just apparently over par. What we call them I'm never your brother's brutal school. Whoa how. Models are serious here also your forget we like a TO DA didn't go over me there using profanity move is the correct. Cash. Oh I'm not a new ones you don't need to use any on. Don't swear at us and know him is that he Donnan and the using profanity will not help you move up the the and oh yeah. You should not at all. But I. Did it pro Andre. Yeah these are people frown upon that tends. Dealer to tell us that work at the computer and in the sex machine or here at our station the snack machine I. You can't let it doesn't deliberately nothing here or anybody yeah yeah Abdullah drop draws up a storm could. It's a no no no I always tell Jim's buddy yeah I was happy that that's a big yankees cherry catches me did not. Pocket zip kids fortunately never on the radio while I think that BB 57% of players less likely to promote someone who doesn't it work. You're correct answer was used profanity that is weighted oh lead a goal what is journey Kerry Allred.