40 % of homes that have THIS, have been proven harder to sell ?

Thursday, August 3rd


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Classic hits nine Indy four point nine W Alexi Madonna in the morning world famous brain strain questioned every morning at 730 with Terry Barr. Question this morning is good for a Wisconsin the state affair tickets and family four pack 6641949. To answer our Marines stream questioned. This is one for you real estate agents 40%. Of Holmes are harder to sell. Because of this business. If it's not a good amenity 40% of homes are harder to sell because. Of this call us what your answer and win this morning's. Green stream question at W Ole Ole X. WLX brings chamber of what was your guests are 200 quarter quarter live portal. All with all these nice blocks another good distance recent moves and things are dry and throw the ball good or something but Jazeera. Yeah nobody good gets aren't gonna get our own. But a woman. Our round I told you know what is Brazil. There are our caller on. Rule. That's cool actually act well maybe I fight would be the one buyer that would actually like that sounds like some passion spears could recommend. Raise funds and you're wondering what your your county. Yeah. I'm not at all. All of the lying that he does not expect good morning it's the W bullets breed strains in six and 109 how are you are in there it is going well beyond. 1640%. Of homes enhancements are heard a cell Mladic pool half. You talked about that yesterday we did in Iowa is always like she's just done is to yell don't worry Jimmy said the only area couple in the kids draw more lay got a big hole in the bank debt preferred left. The answer hey you know the W all strains strains thanks for college since it's more 100 I don't know. 40% of homes that have thus far proven harder decision. Monday given your. Anyway. Yeah. Well that's what I'm content yeah yeah well hello sir yeah. Tap tap tap. I'll tell you all let's bring history. 6641 out of 49 for the answered the question 40% of homes that have this kind of harder to sell. I'm bingo ball current role as the leading guess here's Julie yeah that was my gas to England and our. It is wrong it. W all strange strange call 66419400. You know 40% of homes that have this or proven harder to sell. What. Do. Rude to. On the brings to look that's an inch steam again this W all flexibility answered questions on 66414940%. Of homes. Even harder to send. So what is. We're going to. There will be any different trying. Extremely interesting and W alleged brains strains exist or one hour before 940%. Holmes. Proven harder to sell. If the if they have this new what's your answer. I don't know there can render. And there. No way that guy oh we worry autos and get this but there is that no word or seen in their address makes it harder to sell. I can't thank you and number or an editor need it doesn't really. Aren't urging tree there yeah. Well I eat it I'm I was president does is that Lily Munster calling this. It's been all all our amber right there I see no. Ghoulish and 1813 mockingbird lane the famous monsters to address with that is the correct answer 40% of homes that have the numbers thirteen and their address or her to settle. These people think it's deadlock Mountain. View what's your name. Yeah playing.