The original version of this song hit # 1 in the 60's, the first remake also hit # 1 in the 70's, but the the second remake only hit # 3 in the 80's. What was the song ?

Monday, July 31st


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all black smoke on the morning Jim and Jerry with the world famous green screen element awesome prize this morning of Guns 'N Roses concert tickets and the Bebo Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. On November 7 yes we salute the eighties as we will all we get along with our totally eighty's weekend let's go to the eighties where our brains strain this morning. This song a originally hit number one in the sixties in the seventies in the eighties it only hit number three. So the song was a remade twice originally on the sixties and seventies. In the 80s80s. Version hit number 31 two versions were number one what song are we talking about. Telesis 6641949. And win this morning's brain strain. I don't think you're pretty. Pretty woman only one pounds and he green house that's a good just not quite but the good Gibson. There are very bloody. Day he had recently we get rid of it fifteen WLX. Great strength you. You know what I got it I mean it speculative autumn light and Google. Who knew look you. Know you can't. Write you know want. What that easily able. Don't bode well it. If you're a bit aren't being that while he bought it and it. Okay what is it. Com to get out there and I could get us. Don't think it outlines. Against experts not pop rock not. Elderly. And here or end here I go in the religious Lovett he's got this. Thanks for try the green street. And it and that's all we do business. Listen they just don't like that studies it was a shocking blue and than in Iran then I didn't hear other key. Yes Larry my what are. Now it. Tommy jeans. Who is kisses are brilliant Terri may not an outline of these I hadn't even thought of Sonoma not I'm not play these guys are said to me not quite in the future. Spoke yesterday it'll. You not. Question our man. Our power. I have a well man. And I'll remember that solemn and food closet or what gates did right was at the leader on that record. Yeah you're cool guy he can't remember that silence greets them a lot of it is the local mall. How would you like guns and roads this idea I don't feel well guess light you're going you're golden what's your name. I'm Eric. OK one more air hockey stirred up this. Yeah. Okay.