When asked, American said this is the # 1 thing they would like to do with their vacation time ?

Monday, July 17th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all excellent team gone in the morning. Brain strain every morning at 730 along with teary bar question this morning is good for appeared tickets to the palace theater in Wisconsin Dells for the production of. Greece dinner included it was your show. 6641949. Answered this question when asked Americans said. This is what they really wanted to do with their vacation. When ask this is one Perkins said they wanna do to spend their vacation time. Call us what your answer and win the W law likes green screens turn off the yeah. Yeah I can't expect. The only way only on vacation known entity and a young kid and it is not today and laugh at. Different from any other day well I I'm up up up the good morning W Orleans. Greens drain thanks for calling question this morning and the number one thing Americans want to do on their vacation quarter being. Go to the B that was my gas to that would be top seven finalists they ask but then Jim yelled at me. Actually yeah they are trying you know that was a good guess Elton and you keep dry and staying well holing happy Monday. WLX brain strain 6641949. Number one thing Americans wanna do it their vacation believe me lamb you see. Stuff. Would that would that work for the actual answer them. Made money I think we're gonna let that slide no. Jim is feeling very happy on this Monday I think she just said you walk and yes our or not. Our judges are very lenient here this morning lot. Yeah I'm not. AEA is guess what there's nothing I think relax would done be the same thing yes this relax and nobody's working too hard stress and out so we couldn't we can use relax I don't know what's your name being wrong. Wouldn't.