23% of Lexus drivers do this...

Monday, July 10th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W or Lexus September morning time for the world famous mom dawn the morning with Terry Barr. Brees dream question and answer this question correctly is warning. Willamette awesome prize Gordon Lightfoot concert tickets for September 16 capitol theater inside the Manson overtures senator tell us. What Tony 3% of the Lexus owners Jess you're all right can judge a person by the current each given. Pulitzer percent of Lexus owners have been known to do want. Call open your correct answer and win. This morning's greens drain a W Ole LX. W all its praise during this morning some bacon maybe have an electric cars not what it's all cracked up to be tearing. It up or 23% of Cutler let drivers aren't easy dude dude that's some pretty. Heard from going to play and all work. Yeah sixty beats analyst fancy cars Donald's professionally organized to come on keep my old Ford Ranger an area gonna. Doctor I can decrypt. If I guess is gallon here at W all blacks WL and explore what 949 point 2% of Lexus drivers. And they don't want to do Y it's. And awful. The rule. I'll follow. Nodded with a good guess and you. Many of herself as. 066 or one out of what I answered pretty strange question the only answer to poison percent of Lexus drivers luxury car Lexus. Mean there's there's been on the line for our. Beat whoever who I guess so be it your guess that's what I guess to hurt him that that's not it obviously can learn fast only in the brief. Good morning to you all screens screen inserts its score of 114920%. Of Lexus drivers and the Nolan does do. Wind. Well everything will drive hit hit hit another. Yes it does take challenges that we. Had they got run over pedestrians. You're neighbors and Belinelli who aren't already doing. And this is is Paul. The truth all all good drive buddy yeah you'll have a good ways you and Daniel. All Paul Myers thank you W all green screen 6641 and 49183%. Of Lexus drivers. Luxury car video that you look Starr report card dole won the. Oh what a great again. They says is that you aren't somebody's all. Don't none of the things are true. Yeah bet bet WR like straining your brain is 66 or 14923%. Of Lexus drivers I have been known to do this to do why can't people are cut people who are hopeful we'll open. You drive a Lexus know what I don't get it or not. Yeah is how she. And a good adjusting for trying they do you look 6621 and put audience and his green screen 723%. But Lexus drivers have been known to do what's. And probably won't but we don't hold it I'm done Matt you could. You have no. Have a good parts it was revenue fancy Lexus oh my that sandy and not the answer. Ala I'm not Hewitt Al. Yeah up hot directed nasty and policy that bit closer. I'll be there are a lot of coffee this pick up at peace Sheikh calls is your brain straight answers 664190. Foreigner WL ice grains straight call 66. Yeah. Question what does sister who's. Yeah. I don't allow it to our each other sure yeah current literature that is to. Wow now. WS brace straight 664100 aren't what eager percent of Lexus drivers had been noted two watts. What would be chi cheater it's thoughts here. So yes soon. I've never heard that mentioned in that country song they. I. I know you get those votes are driving a beetle pick up yeah. Either of them pick up trucks like I got bit yeah Jeter's 20% of Lexus drivers have been shown to be cheap it's impossible might die now you're you're on your significant others not Alexis now. Good deal for the treatment yeah Jimmy's concerns about Ollie in Cincinnati. And why should I. Worry about it brings. Blake what's what's your name and Carlo hotel meet Carla I don't you go. Good life but since yeah rule on some you can bring almost classics to them which senator capitol theatre September 16 your colon screening. The and I guess no way to get home lag go to C Gordon now I am glad you're man does not equivalent. CK yeah eat eat eat eat eat pizza sure what Gordon like what struck near the end I. Jack down and slowing down our. Our big is a much dinner OnStar you have a great day you banging you hit the candidate.