60% of drivers say they have hit this with their car

Wednesday, July 5th


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Classic it's not a four point nine W elections be my god the morning with Jerry bar world famous brings strange question every morning at 730. Question this morning 60% of drivers say they have hit this with their car. Welcome Debbie. Collison 6641. Out of 49 win their brain stream prize all this week 25 dollar gift card. From Jung's garden center with WOLX. Good morning W all greens street seeks explore what kind of for a night on 30% of people look at this what they're currently home while you were important that we think what year but I'm here hall hall you know would be an uncommon yes or no gas is hitting it. I live but that doesn't have you as a far out in court yogurt and saw all the local talk on ideas analysts myself that. Those things are heavy yet clearly there is why didn't Powell hooked up pitted. My mom always says the deer hit me to hit your irony you can hit the deer deer hit you losing your guy. Anybody have before CNN. You'll write a column in WR strange strange since it's only nine point nine around 30% of people full of goodness it's. And we. Were all but there are probably get a bargain hunt come clean. I still feel like I did with a very greens and people are watching. Yeah yeah. You could ever do those things I noticed there were terrible burns and they key you'll. 664198. Or nine PW Orleans greens drain you ready to answer this question I think her influence. 60% of people's heads and this was their car or malware is correct not. Accept that path. Yes man and man. Jerry I have to ask have you done this and he had a mailbox still high but we do alcohol at all I don't know I. Thank you like to snowplow in the winter I guess that you know when they're trying to do their job. It was so hot like how do you run into a mailbox and not quite sure thank mr. Kristol ploys to get ours every winner. Lou. This spring on the market so it's sort all of that eventually he had no room. And dignity a lot of money alone yesterday and end copyright act at Lambeau.