47% of single men surveyed say they would not date a women who has this

Wednesday, July 5th


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It's time for the classic hits 94 point nine W all excellent on the morning with Jerry bark. Greens drain questioned when yourself a 25 dollar Jung's gift card this morning. When you answer this question 47% of single men surveyed say they would not in a woman. Who has this Collins that's your answer and winner brain screen door. Opponents of the. What was your response. Are the clock on yeah. I'm a gift that keeps on giving. Understandably equipment hit. WLX ray straight sixty or 194927%. A single man said he would not date. A woman who has this. Kids is and his. Senator gas sad to see a lot of people guess and that like you that not at all not learned thank you. Here who. 6641 out to try to answer the brain strain and you think you have it does when he 7% of single men surveyed say they would not date a woman who has this afternoon pets cats was against. I did good things for trying and have a good day good morning W all his brain strain on Jim as Terry. Who who are you and I don't see in Jim Coleman and hope you win the cup. An error 27% of single women surveyed say they would not date a woman. Who has this time. Winner is the correct answer. Do I do it's. Are you OK with what twins don't have. To ask. Well tune it do for the price of one and I guess I'm Darryl yeah I dated does twins you know I haven't and so did. Double your fun and easy. Yeah not ruling it out and hit with we'll Jimmy something to strive for those who predicts up do you hate got a Jung's gardens that are gift cards record Princeton answer you. Laugh out gauges in two wins it and how to actually she'll eat eat eat eat eat Jill what is your last exert yeah ground.