Medical experts say to avoid mosquito bites this summer, stop doing this

Monday, June 26th


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Classic it's not a four point nine W Alexa and on the morning with Terry Barr. Brain strain time answer this question is 6641949. You'll win tool. Subway gift cards worth ten dollars each for a total of funny dollars' worth the subway subs. Medical experts say to avoid mosquitoes bite him this summer. Stop doing what keeps mosquitoes away this summer if you stop doing this Collison win was Europe greens drain answer them WOX 66. Lot of unemployment line through it means you can disgusted glance and see your point mosquito. Still doing. What are you probably heard wrong it's a yes. He said yes clean I'm there. Yeah. Its. Yeah. 66 or want eye for an eye what do you think to that question. Medical experts seem to avoid mosquitoes this summer you know going to be everywhere when the rain we've if that's what he should stop doing what or. Or her hot. For Carlos and to split off the old spice GB the F. But it could happen you know do you have you have to have a great day and a great summer it is 66419 point nine answer this question of the brain strain medical experts say to avoid mosquitoes this summer it's not this off stop doing what he heard. They're 30 Hamas had 3M share your perfume was very nice smooth I think fifty's but yet that's obvious that the death and good morning the double realize brains drain thanks for improvement participating music since more women for an expert to see enough to help both mosquitoes daily the summary should stop doing and why. You wouldn't know her and you're on the right to. Praying. Not to enact. Don't want point yet is it sugar food. Think we're all she might find some sugar and he'll nail this sprains strains 6641 hour before and I experts medical experts say to avoid mosquitoes that celebrates its stop doing this spirit you know all matters is that kind of time. Facts the highest. Our Beers specifically the walls. We'll move to tell them yeah yeah and again and then bring in CN integrated nickel a great idea to errands or summer. Welcome home computer and an important. While our and then you go under the terms green and company can get hot. There is there's the advice I was I think there might help they might get drunk didn't discretion of the girl yeah. It's not a patent you know. I'd guess new and good for you all gonna have a great summer what is your name but it doesn't even.