Throughout history only 12 people have done this

Friday, June 23rd


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Classic hits in 94 point nine W Rolex time pretty much gone the morning with Terry Barr. World famous brain strain question call 664194. And I if you know the answer this morning. To the question throughout history Yasin delete. History books this morning throughout history only twelve people. Have done this. Just twelve people have accomplished this Collison when your 20 subway gift cards worth ten dollars each had WO Alex. Around the world seal their own little room doesn't that sound wonderful yeah you're dealing. Then this guy did the faces up to you the. Call her eye. On how hot hot hot hot heat up barrel 1000 barrels. Definitely that's fair. Yeah I I can't dance re one of the twelve that. No no yeah. Who has not yet anyway rape jazz song minus he's he's so we'll tell you all he's pretty straight six explorer one night report on the number for your answers here you are what do you think I only hope we walked on the mood that's rights. A lot. How good. Carlisle look it you talk about history buffs can. Ali not serial hoopla not right we have this is going to be a little harder line. Could allow well I'm actually ended up but it previews they all year up perfect combination. Yeah not. Excellent way always go what's your name nears these guys actually dorm.