Name 2 bands/singers that sold millions in cds and concert tickets, but never had a #1 hit

Friday, June 23rd


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Time for the Madonna morning with Terry Barr world famous green screen question for this morning as we get ready for a number one hits weekends starting today at three. We salute the band's singers that never quite made it to number one. Name tool bands or singers that's sold millions in CDs and albums millions he just your ticket sales but never had a a number one hit. There you go there's your brain straight questioned 664. 190 Ford I went to subway ten dollar gift cards with your correct green straight answering WO Alex good morning W all. Are you doing this morning I'm doing good things you don't pay our question we're looking for a two bands or singers that write down millions in concert ticket sales of album sales yet never had a number ones and probably create a nuclear rather not just did bout. Nice try. You think you'll say W always marine stringing what are you listen up. Here. Are not Cheap Trick went to number one of playing a lot of fraud and good guess and ray Gary's yes W let's bring it straight six explorer one and 99 to your question. If they get what. I hate India are due to growth. Not duly did you see it your way there Sunnis are has yet to be at the so called that. I sprains strains of 64 winner or not what. Little bit today. WLS braves three to six explorer 190 Nigerian question I don't know. Kim but it isn't what. I hate being the other dude wrote. Not do we didn't see it your way there sooner he's ours did do these kids they took off. I sprained streets since Corwin and are not what. Have never gotten some signal did that today. 100 CBR and that and very well somebody ain't it certainly. What's unique leaning well I'm perhaps it.