14% of people are addicted to this food

Tuesday, June 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W elects for every morning at 730 it's the look on the morning with Jerry bar world famous brain strain question. Human cost some prize for this week. When two subway gift cards worth ten dollars each. It's two dollars with the subway subs for lunch or dinner. Call me if you don't be answered this question 6641949. 14% of people are addicted. To this food. What is this food addiction Collison when the brain strain W sprains strains exist or wanted to court not a question this morning. Yeah. This what is. A pretty big statement on. Uphold them a deal restraints sixty swollen and before 914% of people addicted to being. This. Or cauliflower. And Christine addiction probably. We can make it a million ways now distributed isn't a bad thing that. Not the answer then you dancing is it wasn't the answer yeah exactly one. And audio alleged brains straight 6600 point nine you call that number you must know what. 14% of people are addicted to eat. I. Some merchandise that is true a lot of people channel line and then the movie from different. None of them is that his buddies W Wallace green street and 641949. Answered this spring street questioned 40% of people addicted. The eating this it's it's a bit and usually the other. Matter don't the Peta potter I don't act in Peru that the good good try not quite as you when you dip some chocolate in slow roll yeah. They'll tell us if you about it. The war. Mountain my ticket let's braves 3664194914%. Of people addicted to eating this. I regret or narrow aisle. Wow. Yeah. Convert the buckle takes the top of the grocery leader right now way yeah we have not seen bloggers. I. The WL I sprains strains succeeds more women went on in the woman's home and you know what he was some people are DTE. It concurrent it is cucumbers thank you aren't the correct answers. You sounds of aids and to exert great good I didn't. And it's another one you can make. Cucumbers into a million different things. Langston you know I go to that that great salad bar or the Iraqis helps me. The Iraqis. They got a great celebrity got you covered he put on and so would I do all the time so. I know who's not an unusual food addiction I don't think. I don't know where Ernie or cook put his finger in the adamant still laughing about that outlined. Give him before yeah I think yeah I play and I was that kind of tapered odd Eminem nice to build even you know. But thousands. Of scaled back a little bit yeah. I didn't notice what it was journey out where they.