6% of adults admitting they had one of these as a kid

Tuesday, June 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WR elects the look on the morning world famous brain strain questioned every morning with Terry Barr. At 7:30. Question this morning flashing back to your childhood. Think about it 6% of adults admitting they had one of these as a kid 6% of adults admit they had one of these when they were a kid. He was your brain strain in surface right. You'll win it a 25 dollar pancake cafe gift certificate call 6641949. To answer our green screen questions WR like 666. Or one and if we're going to green screen that's 60% of adults and one of these is time. And today that they picked up. Are you would leaks. And owns what did you know Greek ten year. Off paying the that I had the greatest strain can be answered it since explorer 149 now hopefully by you'll take it easy. Percent of adults and one of these as a child I don't know the answer would have. Don't be so we want to all who probably not I in the eighties but you may be liked kids a little bit older than probably not but thank you know I. Our guys are good drive on the excellent dry paint you know top order they were to log on La. Salt and while and you are cool guy and I would get jobs at those I did absolutely yes pres I didn't grow up to be an architect of some of Kenya and building things that legalized is yours stay together did they fall down on they were great I don't know. Little things didn't. If so could sort of yesterday. Have a great weekend and thank you are ill thought you know Larry I was wondering when you listen but I militarily and this year. There you go that Nadia. Think it's. Or make you dares came down to. The dumb enough to Dunkin' Donuts you ask those are great W all strange strange things reluctant to extra column to a shooting good morning good Tony hey Tony. So long good. Remember your child there in Chicago. I do. Hello Ed you know why haven't they gotten kind of bring you are under threat even rain springbok alcohol the hull makes a neighboring don't think that I have at times have changed. About eight. They had and Mulder I thought well I got just an awesome gas is a and that we can't wait out the strenuous sticking. So let's go on the morning Terry Jim tears. Fears shop. He 22 to go along with the brings drink eight competed in their heads on the wall and six it's a stubborn on this morning journalists to seasonal help earn good hour. I am learning that their kids these days and a lot of them have a lot of things I didn't have enough when I was a boy. Thousand would you mind you just said earlier you read every idea but the stuff these days is little more I own today is true yes and it didn't happen I was very Irish Dixon mod look. Yes Dixon down analysts not high gap makes up your own little toy a big big you're going Jimmy saw Donald 60% of adults. TV they had one of these. When they were a kid in that we've had a lot of good answers ever Richards for example a simple example bicycle. A Sony Walkman. I'll stay K add a home mother. Literary pleasure worked what are you see who aren't so keen. Mr. potato head and assorted friends Jim claims there was I don't believe that night. I'd jaundice. And and she's a sketch and you still look and two or Lincoln logs and the one I kept waiting for someone actually did gas yell yell you know all good guesses include. The simply didn't. However none here as a huge knock it out of the park what's your answer. I don't know it's just pulled. What's your name Reid and Lilly numerals he had deleted well Ali and that the club I think the code but you're all right yeah. Early to know that created him sick not a creative and thrift. A lottery idea. And where the line you'll ever. Everything it's still under. For a day and keep on jumping rope is gonna have our panties to keep your. It's fun dollar gift certificate that he can take solace and a gamma Maine a painting can fail and this is also rocky like embryonic. Anti Castro did it take to FA given wrote in medicine she does that Ronan yeah. There you've got it Jimmy nice dorm rooms. Our plans for.