What is the #1 thing that puts people in a bad mood first thing in the morning?

Tuesday, June 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WR likes greens drain you the answer is 6641. Eye for an eye if you answer correctly winner. But she went to a guards from subway Tony dollars' worth the subway subs. Tell us what is the number one thing that puts people in a band mood first thing in the morning that's our question this morning. On the WR like smoke on the morning. World famous brain stream WR likes brain strain thanks for college 6641 hour before nine odd they ask people number one thing it's been a bad morning mood. When he Guinness gluten WR I'm scared. Good morning. I did like waking up the ordeal are very much might not be the answer but I hate as. As. I could not agree more help yeah we're with you on network alone. Jim and I are not morning people anyway how about you it's not literally about thirty ABA a year earlier. Got it you know you guys hit good answer not quite the right well I'm a they still like kittens and like it and you'd. Listening. To what. 61949. To answer every street questions in the morning they asked people that number one thing puts them and moods. Make some cranky in the morning meeting it is I think it'd it would have been broad construction and to look long gone. Oh yeah well I think he nailed that one but yeah. And when you both current and think they can get up first heard rather than emergency not hot. Yes and 51 dollar and Amanda than the fact that this morning alone deer is for the draft half way he had no campaign and get the right brings him noticed I don't and figure I didn't appreciate the traffic yeah well I cannot agree more with that some unknown men. New stage you looked strange strange 6641. Point nine number one thing they ask people puts them and move in the morning in New Orleans. They admit I thought about my myself in the morning spilling something on yourself yet for what did you still feel it go everywhere they got clocked yeah. Her burger or not I'll. The worst thing is selling himself he would do that did you score yeah. Yeah. I. Got up to eight or not.