If you have insomnia, you will fall asleep faster if you do this a hour and a half to two hours before you fall asleep

Thursday, June 15th


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Classic it's not a four point nine WR like some guy on the morning so why did Terry Barr back this morning from vacation would love to talk to you on the phone can welcome her back and answer our brain strain question this morning it's 6641 hour before nine you'll win the he pancake cafe 25 dollar gift certificate he could tell us new sleep research shows that you have insomnia. You'll fall asleep faster if you do this. And Howard I have to two hours before bedtime this will help you sleep if you know Collison went AW OLX. 66 or what. I thought I'm the greatest strength class this morning. It's it. Funds. And I really want freedom it's when it. It takes them. Another instance. Six explorer 1349 leading sleep researchers show off your having insomnia due this an hour and a half to two hours the advent tied to help falsely. People are there are corvettes are we think era. You'll be who. You that's a good idea is a really great idea yeah he got over the bet no but still agree I can yeah. Are today yeah most organized consolation prizes are similar to task there. I think it's a color 66 were done before night leading sleep researchers showed you have a hard time flawlessly we'll insomnia if you do this hour and a half to two hours before bed time. Feel healthy doze off. Greetings greetings a popular yes so hard to. It's grants to not have but it didn't Tim Mann thanks for call and W always brings racists and sore when I leading researchers shown on the I don't insomnia media there's an hour ahead Taylor and her bedtime and help you don't know hello what do you. I think you didn't like any computer our our own dollars and that's true you don't want you're on the right journalism you. Jim Gardner running their advantage to doing with your eyes there's your Mickelson hit this morning how. Can I ask you could try. W always rates at 641 on form right you are. I would insomnia does that bother you beautiful. You are lucky if you do if you get sound that you do this and all morning after two hours of the diamond healthy doze off that's our questions on the break a streak. What are very very repeater not now you guys going in the right direction something do with your eyes something visuals and the he plans Ryan's hair W Rolex all right tell you all like good morning I'm Jim that's Gerry Ferraro -- you'll have to ask how are among my guests had a little as the question this morning researchers show if you're having insomnia to do this an hour and a half to two hours at night at bedtime middle healthy doze off opponent and try and understand and know. Normally just so Lucas an accident like thanks bodies and help you. Aren't I can't remember I did it seem like mine and now I know you don't know another great thing is listen to certain radio stations other than ours look at. A chance. Moments ago. 66 or one body part I revenue problems always evolving night research shows this'll help you if you do an hour and a half to two homers were at work there it. It's there's the answer. Not iceman let us right there. Oh Larry you're have you tried this are there not a big I'm going to the sounds interest I think we (%expletive) jam I she meant good goal and I do think you know I was gonna get this but you come in and does not oh yeah nice job on what is your name there's Marty are your order.