Harvard research shows the average person will stop doing this at age 33 years old

Thursday, June 15th


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SEC it's not a four point nine WO Alexis go on the morning greens stream question at 730. Like it is every morning. Some heartburn researched this morning. Mr. at Harvard researchers are not working on research for my doctorate degree here. For our breeze strange question this morning a Harvard research shows that the average person will stop doing this. It needs 33 years old college subway and a pancake cafe gift certificate 6641949. For your green screen response to W Ole LAX for. I don't say go to conquer go to concerts he's not go to concerts at 33 slam I don't go to letting him in his maybe certain times is probably not you know one direction you've just. I never got it at a Medicare like the court. WLX rays re just got the answer but Lou what was your hands and our big stop going out to Bart de Armas. And I don't want him people were 33 to people who yeah. Getting bigger and more than he is doing Greg has got to have a good neighbor oh yeah it's exactly pricing for when I really do much with. W all exude morning hi dawn. He know Harvard research shows the average person puts doing this 33 years old. It helped her oh so true lesbian love to check it. Not a good and actually just a few WLX rays or call 6641 on 400 if you know the answer that question average person quits doing this it. 33 years old her record recruit him who were your music listening to music do you do them. I don't written about your your record and we like it was into the classic syndicate at a grand not a right answer but Goodmail could could make cars. Double you'll extreme strains exist for one on port on you called pundits know what the average person quits due to these 33 that's a question saw Jordan moved the number of jobs already this market parties what's right what's shooting didn't he Jim are you going to. You can't take you choose Madison Pittsburg. What a plus dollars to stand on all staff and flat jets to a nice going Bob.