Who was Pennyworth and how was he important to Batman and Robin?

Tuesday, June 13th


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Time for the my god the morning world famous green screen question we pay tribute this morning. To Adam West the original bad man who passed away over the weekend our rest in peace and wants to. Thanks for an exciting childhood. Be in bad man question this morning colas penny worth his last day was penny worth who is CNN always important. And then and rob and called it 125 dollar gift certificate to the pancake cafe. Medicine and get eroded and Pittsburgh if you know the answer at 664194. And on. Tomorrow me or you stand a real bad man TV Channel 8 and 8000. Hot dogs I love that show my condolences this morning he if you are under and back. I I met at a Weston a car show when dad was a really nice man very cool guy. Yeah I'm Jimmy eat my diet notices. And all of those penny worth it always important to bad men and rob and I think it one more than eight arguing from England. But what would be good. The last burning let stand by you did Adam West prop this morning and nailed it right away. Here I am serious nice goal. Yeah nice going yet ultra penny worth was the Butler realized that commissioner Gordon's on the phone. Tell me what's your name. Worried I.