We tend to eat 40% more calories at this place

Friday, June 9th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect's mood on the morning green strange question this morning. Your prize when you get sick correctly as 664194925. Dollar gift certificate to taste the arts of sun prairie. Question this morning is we won't sniff at its next time on the brain strain we tend to eat 40% more calories. One rent this place. 40% more calories we consume. Around displays if you know Colin Quinn the brain strain it WOX. Good morning don't you all. Greens are you ready for the intranet challenge here WLX rays a 6641 implement and Paul 40% more calories than normal tour this. Explains what is. Are our friends they're the whole year and we can do bad little bit too deep fried Oreo o.'s. Everything and it. Funnel cakes and those little dull it's a little was Tommy asked Nadal that's not the answer but I like check like the wind Fiat could not at all. A trial I think he would film. Let McCain know what he hates to be easy to do there once again I'm not the incident yes. Lol yeah when I design WR like sprains strains exist nor want to put on them you just called 40% more calories than normal comedians or one horrendous place. Yeah. Okay. And did you see. Yeah sorry. Yes W Orleans Marines strains he sees one and 18 or ninth we attendee each 40% more calories than normal. Oh my gosh he is our leading answer this war es is but they want or. Are yeah. Hello let's look at you figured out how you're fabulous as is Hastert trying to. I. WL I sprain strains exist for 100 for an hour he got that part now on what what's he answered this question to meet 40% more calories than normal lure at this place. An important. Oh OK now that's a unique answer. The western aid. When an NBC to do you have snack in front of the TV WL it's great strain this 6641 hour before her at least 40% more galleries the displays are we heard is that correct answer. All wow wow wow I didn't know later wrap up this morning near broke the locomotives. I know I Obama it's still go at the hot buttered popcorn was an off night you can get like thinking like meal sets. I think he. Should they want you wean your seats and staying there well. Now next try to bring a straight answer is movie theater he's 40% more calories and honey you see any need we have before us is the popcorn in the and that's yeah yeah that somebody would still them during a scary part and they'd all rolled out loans under the movie he ever tell you knew you now it's like you need pizza isn't sandwiches is sure earlier. You referred bark ordered as always goes below what we don't tell me more or does it. He's taken it happens to CNN estimates are that far but I think I'd like deal against what sit in this chair when I got here yeah. Yeah you'll be able to what are you know underneath it and I'm yeah as another true what's your what's your name probably are all over.