In the 1970’s where would you find the striped tomato?

Friday, June 9th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alikes with my guy in the morning in the world famous greens drain questions warning tell you what. So it's were doing a super seventies week and all this weekend starting Z three. Don't we do some super seventies trivia for our greens drain question this morning tell me of the 1970s. Where did you find it. These strike tomato. For the strike Toledo. It 6641949. We'll jump when they 25 dollar gives you did it differ. East of the arts and sudden furry. With your correct. Pretty straight answering WOLXWR. Like regular college six explorer one hour before and I do answer of the brain strain I assume what do you think. I don't know the answer because I won't it keep. Taxi and how they had a car called it straight to me you know they're great injury don't. Yes you are correct what is your main gate Warner paid if you're not old Jeanne you were very Smart though one couple you know lower seventies trivia knowledge should get tight or not I not answer me this I was tablet Charlie's Angels men's I didn't really pay attention which one it was stars you which one was much. Let's see. Accurate and cut throat blocks of David's soul the blonde was it was OK I got a history nine yeah I was watching Charlie's Angels all the time in too much attention. Yeah they're okay and you want to go to cause some very for the case to the arts I've never been there plus attorneys agreed to on a lot of things to do when you have 25 dollar suspend their genes are. Thank you and you're not old you're just you're just really Smart your wise yes.