In the 1980’s who was Ralph Hinkley or who he was better known as?

Monday, June 5th


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Clancy here it's 94 point nine W all elects time for the world famous. We'll go on the morning green screen with Terry Barr as we. Head for a totally eighty's weekend let's do some totally 80s trivia this morning on the brain straight answer it 6641949. Question this morning. In the 1980s as long as we're going there this afternoon and all weekend in the eighties cool was Rolf Hinckley. Overall Hinckley was who he was better known as call us up and win the brain strain it WL away you'll end. Ticket to see Robert Irvine. Master chefs and restaurants saver and a jump in the dells this weekend. And I know Halloween. Who Arthur funds are rarely publicly. Good RA WL it's very. Is training called 664 point 94 guys you must know the answer that question this way. Who was twelve Hinckley who was you better known as it needs putting it. I'm Robert Morris and added you know. It's. My body I. Yeah and you call 6641 article I answered the brain strange story totally eighties classic business until he's weekend. Whose role Heatley who is he better known as the 1980s took it murdered your greatest American hills there you know. Now did you really know that I hope I want to roll your own yeah yeah. All I have to I I I cannot tell a lie I did not know the saints are putting new money and all debts on dvd loses once he does I. I huh huh. I'll probably have a VHS or beat a team the authors of I'm not. US dollar nanos are tinker had so let's shoot me if there aren't sure you're mobile.