Research has shown in the last 3 centuries, what has grown 700% larger?

Monday, June 5th


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Time for the classic hits out of four point nine WR Lex world famous guy in the morning. Greens drain question this morning our research has shown that in the last three centuries. What has grown 700%. Larger. Quite a growth of you know call us up. 664194. Manual wind a 25 dollar gift certificate to taste of the arts. In sun prairie at WL I W all our screen. Strange sixty's to around 99 are you this morning I'm Derek Mario I'm doing likewise thanks for calling a period and answer this question. Over the past three centuries it's gotten 700%. Larger that you were populated them. Good gas tanks are dry and mr. Bryant W always great strains of Cecil won before nine over the past three centuries kids grow keep. 700%. Larger oil we talked about on the breeds during the Oreo at all with a hole in the ozone hole that's a good guess for U a scientists. Aren't. How well you are. One other radio this topic. GUR one on the got a warning not yet but thanks for trying to dig good morning W Oilers three straight and 6641949. Over the past. Three centuries this has gotten 700% margin. Your home your home. I would hope that's not the answer was to go against yeah. How are. You to enjoy this beautiful day W illustrates straight 6641 hour before I'm over the past. Three centuries this has got 700%. I don't know very cool we're up to these programs other than just small lever but not if you don't get a W let's raise drink all seeks its war. We wanted to put I didn't lose much. Three centuries has got seven. Play with the I bet he adds. He's got a buddy this Arabs. Have a good game good morning WL I sprayed street question to 66419. Point nine over the past three centuries it's gotten 700%. Larger. ECD's. Or another good guess thanks for Tryon. W all X rays straight sixes or one point nine Pawlenty was not the answer to what's gotten some of them are so my. Since it's. My wife and it's. I'm sorting her there. Another dinner but he could could have a good day anyway W alliance brains strains exist or when I'm when I'm over the past three centuries. It's got 700% larger cut in the United States ball. Yeah yeah. Normally get. Not him that's a really good yes they have experts Ryan WL I sprains strains of 641 reporter did you know. What has gotten 700%. Larger over the head. Something in your world class where you are right your thoughts are true. Yeah I am.