We will wait on average 28 minutes for what?

Friday, June 2nd


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It's time for the mood on the morning world famous for mainstream question on this morning Gerri are we learned is society is not as impatient as we think. With all over high tech gadgets in fact the question this morning we will wait on average 28 minutes. For what's what are we that patients weren't the only twenty minutes call somebody your brain is straight answer is 664. 1949. Win tickets to see Robert Irvine. The master chef and a junk in Wisconsin Dells Saturday June 3 with your correct green straight answer would go. Yeah. A pizza. Pizza is a good guess love don't let sprain strains exceeds. Or 190 or not being glad to have you on national your what's your name I entered pleas good morning and you can't hear me you'll go hello. Oh it give me my dinner and make a major winner away. App catalog now we have tickets we have tickets please over there Robert Irvine I citi's name wrong earlier it's it's not Stevens Roberts. Yeah. So we'll wait twenty minutes on average for this what what is it we will wait 28 minute former eight table at arrests are you are right Lee's old Donald. And.