700 of these are sold every 10 seconds

Tuesday, May 30th


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It's the classic hits 94 point nine WR like smoke on the morning world famous. Bring string question this morning call 6641. Not torn right if you can answer this question. What do Jung's gardens senator 25 dollars gift card 700 these are sold. Every ten seconds pretty good radio signals and seven on murders sold. Every ten seconds colors of you know the green stream. Good morning WOS pretty street 6119 point nine point 780 sold every ten seconds there latter day camaraderie. There oh that's a good one to do Syria always discuss what we would get so we didn't have the answer in front of us and I think that's that's not go to rallies say you have I was out the other end of his radio a pricey lottery tickets to some good. Yes all day long we do you you can. You can't do. Hey little. The lower paying marine had a bird isn't lower rain have a great birthday weekend well again I do not an. Thanks Lorraine WL it's great street succeeds or wanted to or not we are looking for what they sell the more than 700 easily 102 slot trumpet pop culture. Good to see. I just drinking helps a bit it could get whose primary man IAEA a creative thanks to try and I would not only NATO but thanks for trying to. Classic can't study four point nine WR like straight in your brain that if you with the question more than 700 of these sold every ten seconds. I don't have McDonald's 100. Yeah. I'm with you one you wind. You wanna strain yeah. So you have conquered this morning yeah she out why how initialed a chill to conquer my goodness what's your name is Marty. Brains and during and then he wears that were ignored now I don't know I polling data or we let reporters know. Aimed were already saw. Sun we love that we're getting people from all over it now makes it so much fun.