Average American has 100 of these, but only finds 4 reliable

Wednesday, May 24th


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Classic hits now to four point nine WL elects another more military bar title for the world famous. Brain strange question to correct answer call 6641. Before and I didn't win but he Jung's garden center 25 dollar gift card. Average American has 100 of these only fines for reliable. Call us up in a win that's the brain strain right now W all extreme strain seeks its war on and we're not any great aunts. Duvall went for its friends. Good guess this morning not even take you for playing along the strip Pauline WR's brain strain 6641949. Average American has a hundred only finds more reliable tour. Brands. He yeah. Jordan Campbell yeah it's why we love our pets. But let's do appreciate your golf WR likes pre screened extra policy 64194. And I know average American has a hundred of these and only 54 of them reliable. How are your media brand when the all close. So. Are we your friend slowed and so the other friends like oh my god would consider. I'll bet says it will that work from the social media I. Link which social media FaceBook there at all I let him grab you mean Nancy and I got. Met a lot of.