Brain Strain

Thursday, May 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO electable on the morning every morning at this time 730 time for the world famous green stream questioned. All this week good for summer fest tickets world's largest music festival you'll see Bob Dylan. Also Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson on July 9. Answer this question is 6641. Not before nine it only costs sixty cents per year. Sixty cents per year. To do this. What are we talking about with the brain strain it WLX. Conviction can do X here. Yeah decent has agreed. Some pretty good at or even done a lot of WLX rays street we're gonna end what do you think the answer. Bosh kick just clear that created the aisle and take control brought. I. Sentences hostile toward him. Monolithic. Thinking 0666419. It's never it's only dollars and sixty cents. Remember. And then you will stripper yeah. If I don't I'm not. 6641 not or are paying for your brains shrinking there's a lot of Jenny only sixty cents per year what could what could be. Chief of this world we can't answer seasons for years I'm thinking it was charging your help aren't charging her cellphone to exits.