Brain Strain

Thursday, May 18th


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It's time for the world famous book on the morning with Terry Barr Breen stream question. This morning's correct answer gets you ended Milwaukee's summer fest on July 9 for Willie Nelson. Bob Dylan Sheryl Crow all wants to each question this morning. Women do this on average eleven times per game. Women do this eleven times daily call 6641. Got a Ford I'm your correct answer and win the W oil exporting strains. W all I sprain strains 664190. Point nine average woman does this. Eleven times a Dana what is it. Think came. If I don't get it I am. Not in my do you think that's all the more we stay. This danger I see Colin on. The Dalai brain drain thanks for policy is more one on foreign ideology or does this. Eleven times a day you what is it I'm in the range of Tony. Answering a little blue. Good get sir on the greens mean. And W all extremes street succeeds former warming and or not we see dialed a number what do you think him. Answer yes to this crystal you're looking in the mirror you're on the right track muddy whale on the right. Not pardon what you think you are I'm Mary gap and show them your little globs. Or Olympic hosts. Yes the judge's ruling tuning had yet that's an in apply lips and real real. Touch up would be to yeah. Re probably give you a big wet yes. She is you're taking that particular lady to this concerts and I out of court. The British digital clock. I eased down and explode at several strokes and Arnold gee I don't what she wore me agendas lipstick it was delicious someone. I don't clearly don't like anymore you don't like me just be anyway. Bear and the. Excellent. And Doug Brandon. Sorry Brandon that's that's tough to follow with the fifth 5 February I didn't think he's made me speechless and I never accountants I don't know.