Brain Strain

Tuesday, May 16th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all likes for every morning at 730. Time for the world famous. Well gone the morning with Terry Barr brain strain question. This morning's question is good for summer fest tickets July 9 it's summer fest in Milwaukee Sheryl Crow the legendary Bob Dylan. Also Willie now sit in more 66419490. He could answer this green screen question. 10% of men say they have dug her desk to impress a woman. 10% of men have done this just to impress so BP. Give us a call to win the brain strain this morning. Thought there might get a little bit and then they have more money you what do you can't you get credit car rental car a couple of all set to take your native Derrick. That might be there. You know all I wish I hadn't done that you. Eloquent statement that I. Now we really you know holds interference unions and Hanson are picking up the deep one time in my 71 Vega and a half. There wasn't it he's like yeah is a really big like 1995. Her dad was not impressed. It's her dad was not impressed with what do what's your game in putting you don't feel and you don't miss I know I haven't that's a good idea though man yeah. It is not a bad idea at all to drag it takes for help on guys separate what I went as far as saying renting a limo but that I don't eat too extreme I think maybe brilliant arrogant must yeah he beat me genius who thinks for. An idea also finance or things out there is a great day WR like sprayed street six explore. One in 9490 get that part down enough that what's your answer to this question 10% of men have done this to impress a woman. Did that eight. God Kagan I become friends can look my bottom yeah. Oh I mean yes to buy into it and that's why and war and all. You played this does it was a team effort he never right right through it and everybody yeah. Yeah. What I love your answer what's unique. And I didn't really weren't all there hadn't been enjoyable yeah I can tell. I certainly understand. Oklahoma's Jermaine didn't JD.